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Reshaping Masculinity: In Conversation with Jackson Katz

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Did you know that the RSPCA are currently not accountable for their actions?

With that in mind, did you know that in 2012, the RSPCA received 131,525 animals? Or that only 49% were reclaimed or rehomed while the remaining 49,688 animals were euthanised? In one year. 365 days. That’s approximately 136 animals being euthanised every day by the RSPCA. Moreover, according to reports published by the RSPCA, 47% of total euthanasia cases were related to ‘behavioural problems’ making it the leading cause of euthanasia being administered. An animal that is euthanised for being infectious or for ‘medical reasons’ make up only 17% and 23% of cases respectively. 

These decisions are being made by a company who is not legally required to follow a set process regarding the upholding of Animal Cruelty Legislations. Any company that is responsible for making the choice of taking away life should be held accountable for their actions. 

I urge you to sign this petition asking that a higher independent authority should be in place to regulate and oversee the actions of the RSPCA. It will take only two minutes of your time :)